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3 June 2020


So we’ve survived and now in the recovery stage on our journey to whatever ‘normal’ might look like for us. Some thoughts. 


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Peter Ward, Telos Partners

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22 APRIL 2020


Back to normal looks at four questions that we may need to consider: 

1. how can we repair the damage to our finances?

2. how can we return to viable operating levels 'faster and steeper'? 3. what will new normal look like to my organisation?

4. do we need to build more resilience for the future? 

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Peter Ward, Telos Partners

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11 May 2020


I know there will be a lot of talk about what the post pandemic world will look like and how it might impact on our businesses. We are curious about the extent that changes may occur in a number of aspects of the business world. There is an opportunity to ‘reset’ if there is a need, and a will, to do so. We are conducting a survey more details of which are available through the article below and we will be very interested to hear your views. You can access the survey directly on this link

We will close the survey on 15 June and will be aiming to publish findings before 30 June. All contributions will be anonymous and unattributed.

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Peter Ward, Telos Partners

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17 APRIL 2020


Negotiating the maze of uncertainty. A few thoughts put together by Peter Ward and Pedro Avery. 

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Peter Ward and Pedro Avery, Telos Partners

Taking control

4 May 2020


Taking Control In 'Back to Normal?' we asked four sets of questions and each probably need a bit more attention. Here is the first of a series and it looks at 'Will the new world offer more challenges and opportunities than the old? Will there be a new normal?' Rather than wait for something to happen...

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Peter Ward, Telos Partners

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